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At Longyear & Lavra, LLP, our goal is to deliver excellent legal services for the right cost. We accomplish this by using a litigation strategy that includes lean but expert staffing of each case by an experienced attorney.

Clients choose Longyear & Lavra, LLP because we offer top-level trial and civil litigation experience along with the personal attention of the attorney they hire.

For two decades, the experienced trial lawyers at Longyear & Lavra, LLP have been providing clients with professional, practical advice and advocacy on matters involving all areas of civil litigation, municipal liability, civil rights, complex environmental litigation, construction and real estate disputes, insurance coverage disputes, employment litigation, medical malpractice and professional negligence.

Our reputation for thorough preparation and professionalism means when one of our attorneys is involved in a case, everyone at the table knows we will not be wasting time on petty discovery battles and legal posturing.

We have the skill, resources and experience to quickly and fully evaluate all aspects of a dispute to make an accurate assessment of the value of the case and likely outcome at trial. We give our clients a straightforward assessment of their possible options including a cost-benefit and strategic analysis of the issues. Our considerable success in the courtroom and reputation for ethical and businesslike conduct means opponents take us seriously, regardless of whether your case is tried or resolved through negotiation, mediation or some other form of alternate dispute resolution.

Our clients include all kinds of public entities and agencies, municipalities, school districts, risk managers, real estate developers, doctors, architects, professionals and others who want to be confident they get the best possible resolution of a dispute without an excessive outlay of time and money.

Let us help you get the results you need at the right cost. Longyear & Lavra, LLP in Sacramento, California.

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